Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Online's Native Language

ESPN Toshiba

From Ad Age:

“To help sell Toshiba TV sets and laptops, ESPN worked with the Japanese company to create advertising that illustrates specifically how ESPN fans could use those products…. a greater number of marketers have discovered, it helps to have the media outlet that brings viewers to the screen — whether it be TV, computer or mobile — helping to craft the message. Indeed, while Toshiba in the past has relied more on ads that are somewhat serious in tone, working with ESPN resulted in commercials that take a humorous approach, mostly because the audience seeing the pitches reacts well to that sort of execution.”

It’s hard to imagine anyone knows an audience as well as the content creators at the TV networks, web publishers or magazines that attract and engage with those audiences every day. As more publishers help advertisers learn to speak the native languages of their audiences, it turns up the heat on agencies, who have historically played this role, as well as smaller publishers, who don’t have the scale to convince marketers that it’s worth the extra work to build a custom solution.

Who knows better the language spoken by the local news audience than local news content providers - I would submit no one.

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