Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Village Voice Happy Hours App Debuts

When we noticed the Cocktail Compass app, showing local happy hours, that L magazine was bringing to New York, we wondered why Village Voice Media didn't have something like that. But, keeping to our usual journalistic method, we didn't ask any questions. Now, surprise! VVM is releasing Happy Hours, available now on iTunes.

Village Voice Media Holdings' Scott Tobias says in the release, "We want to be everywhere our readers are"; that, apparently, is in bars with cheap drinks, which explains why they hired us.

Due to the reach of the network, you can get happy hour info in 30 cities, including this one. GPS finds them in Your Area. We tried it and got three joints holding HHs nearby at this very moment (9:15 a.m.) -- the Cartoon Lounge in Elmhurst, the Blarney Cove in the East Village, and Bailey's Corner Pub on the Upper East Side. One's phone was disconnected, but the other two didn't even answer, so those parties must really be raging.

For 4 p.m., however, we got 53 choices in Greenpoint and Williamsburg, all of which looked legit, and dozens of which we haven't been thrown out of yet. You can also shake the thing to get a random happy hour, enabling a technologically advanced pub crawl. It's a good toy for adults and, like all the best things in life, free.


What took this so long?

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