Friday, November 16, 2007

Local Advertiser - Web Illiterate

Audience Research & Development - Media 2.0 Intel with Terry Heaton and Steve Safran

Why Are Local Advertisers So Web-illiterate?

If you're a local advertiser, the above link is an interesting perspective from someone "inside" the industry. If you work in local media, it's a challenge to step up.

My experience in local markets has taught me a couple things: Local advertisers are a busy group and while they have a sense of the growing need to have a local online strategy, it's not something they've committed time to learn or explore. But most local advertisers I talk with know that are going to have to pay more attention to local online advertising. But unlike television, newspaper, radio, billboards or direct mail, local advertisers are not familiar with online options. If you run a business and watch the late local news, you have a basic understanding of how advertising on a local station might work. But very few local advertisers have even the most limited exposure to local web strategies. But lack of familiarity does not convert into lack of interest. And for any local media salesperson that's all the opening you should need.

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