Friday, May 2, 2008


One of the guys that originally hired me into my first (and current) job in digital media just resigned. Hyler Cooper, our Vice President of Digital Operations at Schurz Communications announced he is leaving the company this week.

On May 15th, Hyler will become Senior Vice President of EMedia for AgWeb/Farm Journal, a media company that focuses on the agriculture industry with web, print and television products. He will be responsible for all digital operations which include six websites.

Good for Hyler, he's a talented guy to whom I owe a good deal of gratitude.

Your first job breaking into any industry is tough. You know the dilemma, everyone wants experience but no one wants to be the first to hire you and give you the experience. Hyler (and my direct boss, Scott Stavrakas) made that kind of hire with me. Because of that leap of faith, I would walk through fire to execute anything these guys want me to do. So, naturally, I'll miss Hyler. AgWeb made a good hire. And I suspect within a short period of time there will be some AgWeb folks working for Hyler that will also find walking through fire worth the trip.

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