Monday, October 15, 2007

We Use It Every Day, But Did You Know

Each of us uses the Internet everyday, some more than others. But did you know the following about this "tool" you use so often?

Did Al Gore really invent the Internet? No, but give
credit where credit is due. He did the most of any elected
official to actively promote the Internet. However, he wasn’t
even in Congress when ARPANET was formed in 1969 or even when
the term ‘Internet’ came into use in 1974. Gore was first
elected in 1976.

Which decade really saw the explosion of the net?
The 90’s! The Internet exploded in or around 1993.

How fast is the Internet growing?

Very fast! It took 38 years for radio to reach 50 million users,
13 years for TV, and only 5 years for the Internet. Source:

How big is the Internet’s surfing world?

Google’s index now stands at 8 billion pages.

What are your average surfing habits according to Nielsen

Each month you usually visit 59 domains, view 1,050 pages allocating 45
seconds for each page and spend about 25 hours doing all this net activity!
Each surfing session lasts 51 minutes.

Some of these fact are fun, some are really useful. Did you notice how fast the Internet is growing? And did you see what the average user does on the net each month? Of course if you're busy running a business your usage may be substantially lower. But if you want to grow your business going forward, it's time to include the Internet in you on-going local marketing efforts.

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